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About JLondon Lutherie:

Member of the American Guild of Lutherie, 2013

Located in Owensboro, KY, JLondon Lutherie is the result of a seed that was planted over 40 years ago. A leap of faith, a bare minimum of tools, a book purchased from Stewart MacDonald, and a barely successful re-fret job on my own beloved Martin guitar.

Today, however, I specialize in repair, setups, and custom work on both acoustic and electric guitars, satisfying the most discriminating professional guitarist. I use equipment that renders results of the highest quality; Quality measured within a thousandth of an inch.

I also have a personal understanding of my customer’s needs based on their individual playing styles. As both a musician and accredited fine-art photographer, my lutherie work also results from an artistic approach as well as the love of the craft.

My Personal Setup (incomplete):

My white Strat

My Strat that I have been using most of my life.

My custom black guitar

My fully hand-built guitar modeled after David Gilmour's "Black Strat".